No matter the reason for divorce, the central issue usually becomes the division of assets and future financial needs. Amy Bouchie, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional and our highly trained team address the time-consuming financial aspects in ways that will speed resolution and reduce bickering, so you can focus on providing legal advice (and take on more cases).

In traditional and collaborative divorces, as well as mediation, our professionals’ specialized expertise can:

  • strengthen and support your case
  • prepare financial data and settlement scenarios for you
  • reduce your client’s apprehension
  • seek resolution more effectively
  • provide for your client’s long-term financial well-being
  • offer expert testimony


One of the biggest delays is the time involved in reaching a clear understanding of the financial aspects. Our professionals get to the heart of the finances and has experience at presenting and explaining it at your client’s level of understanding, so you can focus on the resolution.


Settlement agreements that bounce back and forth between attorneys become time-consuming and expensive, creating unnecessary stress for all the parties. Our professionals’ specialized knowledge brings clarity to even complex cases, so less time and money are wasted. (Our billing is flexible, so clients can pay us directly or through your firm.)


Our professionals forecast long-term financial and tax impacts, including retirement needs. We’ll develop realistic budgets that result in fair settlements and reduce the likelihood of future battles between the parties.


When clients have unrealistic expectations of the possible settlement or their future economic health, our professionals provides no-nonsense analysis, keeping you from having to be the bearer of bad news and preventing long-term regret and recrimination.

Learn more about the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® certification process.


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